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Finance Director


For our client, an international company specializing in the agricultural industry, I am looking for:  

Finance Director
  • frequent revisions of operations, regular control of sales, costs and performance and benefits while working in close collaboration with the financial team, guaranteeing a precise and detailed analysis of results both weekly (Top60) and periodically
  • measure and analyse the internal costs to consolidate and implement quality control processes in their chain of management to reduce costs
  • control and analyse expenditure of packaging and office materials
  • support the purchasing team/department to optimise the number of annual rotations of packaging and to ensure close communication between departments with the objective of minimising or eliminating packaging obsolecense
  • support main investments and projects (CAPEX) and, as director, ensure that profit successes are reported in the mid to long-term to the group
  • implement and lead a solid financial management team and establish a process to facilitate report presentation and information exchange
  • develop and implement new ideas that improve administrative and operational efficiency
  • prepare and present information required to the trimestral board meetings in a timely and adequate manner
  • manage foreign exchange in collaboration
  • manage capital: define cash-flow budgets and negotiate and obtain funds necessary with adequate economic agents
  • fiscal management: prepare tax liquidation and avoid fiscal risk to the company by implementing control procedures – tax planning
Required skills:
  • comply with annual sales objectives and net benefits according to the established budget
  • the team support their development and implementing ideas to improve
  • control and analyse the cost of Direct and Indirect Labour Costs
  • manage and analyse the productivity of the teams and implement measures to address any deviations from the established objectives
  • control and analyse the internal rejected final products
  • control efficiency and accuracy of close of accounts to avoid delays
  • design and manage necessary IT, ERP and KPI improvements in coordination
  • take responsibility for presenting fiscal and mercantile documentation
  • create a strategical financial and administrative plan for the company
  • cover investment necessities with adequate funds
  • manage investments: preparation, revision and tracking of investment projects
  • define and implement processes for fraud control
  • degree - ADE, Economics or similar
  • languages: High level of English and Polish (valuable knowledge of Spanish)
  • to be competent in the development and implementation of EPR platforms and reporting tools for KPIs and management accounts




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Inowrocław, Spring Poland

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